Boy Scout Guide Book Released!

The Boy Scout guide book can be downloaded here. Spent many hours on it and truly hope it prepares you for this summer! Thank you to all who helped create it.

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We will be dilegently working on updating the website with the new guide book information giving you even more information on what is going on at camp as well as video tours of each area! So stay tuned.

We plan on having the Cub Scout and Webelos Guide book out around the end of the month.

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Matt Langlois


6 Responses to Boy Scout Guide Book Released!

  1. I am looking for a map of the camp property. I expected it to be under “Resources”.

  2. The camp map is available on the resources page; it is the second link from the top.

  3. Where is ‘Technology’ on the map? I don’t see it.

  4. Looks like that area needs to be added. It is attached to the Boy Scout Health Lodge. And across from the Trading Post.

    Will add in the next draft this spring. Thanks

  5. Isaac Fifelski (1st Class)

    Where is the Tech Centre (or center)?i could’t find on map. b.t.w, going and i have to say to anyone who is going 1st time, it’s AWESOME!

  6. Isaac, the Tech Center is attached to the Health Lodge, in the Outpost Building. It will be added to the next version of the map.
    Glad to hear that you had fun, and we’re looking forward to seeing you this year.